Valentina on the Rocks is the explosive mix of Italian sensuality, British humour and Hollywood glamour. She discovered the art of tease in Manchester, UK, attending and then performing at the Slippery Belle show produced by the gorgeous Bella Besame back in 2009. After performing on stages all over UK, she moved to USA in 2011 where she joined Hells on Heels Burlesque Revue. In 2012, she joined a group of talented ladies to found the San Diego premiere classic troupe Drop Dead Dames Burlesque Revue.

Valentina’s dangerous curves will have you begging for more. Which story will she tell you this time? Is it a glitter and glamour romance or a dark scene of passion and murder? Just sit back and enjoy the ride!

When she is not shaking her bits or adding sparkles to her costumes, Valentina on the Rocks’ muggle persona is usually swing dancing to live bands around San Diego in one of her vintage-inspired attires. She is a passionate performer of swing era dances and vernacular jazz. She teaches regularly for Swing Dancing San Diego and love to spread the joy that the Big Band era music sparks in herself to others. She occasionally subs Ginger n Whiskey’s Bump and Grind class at Glitter Tribe studio .

It seems like her energy never ends…can you keep up with her?

Be aware…She will shake her way into your heart!!

Close up


Member of Drop Dead Dames Burlesque Revue Member since 2012
Hell on Heels Burlesque Revue Member 2011-2012
Burlesque Free-lancer 2009-2010
Polestars entertainer 2008-2010

Burlesque Show Appearances (UK):

Slippery Belle Xmas Belles 2009 – Manchester
Belle Epoque Burlesque! 2010 – Huddersfield
Slippery Belle 3rd Birthday Party 2010 – Manchester
Delicious Newcomers Burlesque Competition 2010 – Birmingham
Slippery Belle Burlesque! Christmas Special 2010 – Manchester

In UK, Valentina OTR performed alongside international burlesque talents such as vintage beauty Ruby Rose, Rosie Lugosi the Vampire Queen, real life Disney villain Mister Joe Black and Burlesque Beauty/Monster Crimson Skye.

Burlesque Show Appearances (USA):

Tiki Oasis room parties 2011-2014 – San Diego
King of Clubs car show and drag races 2011 – San Diego
San Diego Spirits Festival 2013-2017 – San Diego
Hollywood Burlesque Festival 2013 – Los Angeles
Beer-lesque: Tastings and Tassels! by Deschutes Brewery 2014 – San Diego/Long Beach
The Golden Age of Burlesque at the San Diego Fringe Festival – 2015
Audrey Deluxe’s Burlesque Bingo 2016-2018 – San Diego
Burlesque Brunch 2017-2018 – San Diego
Glamour, Glitter & Gals; A Night of Classic Burlesque! 2018 – San Diego
Flaunt! Burlesque Revue 2018 – San Diego

In USA, she had the privilege to share the stage with Seattle vaudeville master Armitage ShanksItalian beauty Scarlett Martini, Mexican Spitfire Ruby Champagne, Burlesque Chanteuse Jolie Goodnight from the Jigglewatts, the infamous Cuban Missile Crisis Tito Bonito, King of Burlesque Matt Finish, Queen of Burlesque Raquel Reed, Burlesque Legend Shannon Doah, and many other.



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