Valentina on the Rocks is Drop Dead Dames very own International Bombshell: an Italian beauty with a brain as big as her butt!

Back in the Old Continent, Valentina OTR was introduced to the art of tease by the enchanting Bella Besame in the far land of Albion.  Across the pond, she has performed all around the Southern shores of the Golden State, including the Hollywood Burlesque Festival and Tiki Beat.

Close up

She loves everything of the effervescent “Swing Era”, from the classic fashion/makeup to the crazy dances: vernacular jazz, crazy Lindy Hop, smooth Balboa and of course the glamour of Burlesque. On stage, she is famous for her captivating story-telling and high energy acts.

Her curves are as dangerous as the Amalfi coast: I suggest you buckle up and hold on tight or you’ll risk losing your pants!

Picture by Vixen Photography

In UK, Valentina OTR performed alongside international burlesque talents such as vintage beauty Ruby Rose, Rosie Lugosi the Vampire Queen, real life Disney villain Mister Joe Black and Burlesque Beauty/Monster Crimson Skye.

In USA, she had the privilege to share the stage with Seattle vaudeville master Armitage ShanksItalian beauty Scarlett Martini, Mexican Spitfire Ruby Champagne, Burlesque Chanteuse Jolie Goodnight from the Jigglewatts, the infamous Cuban Missile Crisis Tito Bonito, King of Burlesque Matt Finish, Queen of Burlesque Raquel Reed, Burlesque Legend Shannon Doah, and many other.

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